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Pain and Sports Medicine

Whether you are in training or just anxious to get back to enjoying life, MD 2.0 can help you get back to doing the things you love.

Improve Health through Gene Analysis

Leverage your unique DNA blue print to optimize health.

Maximize Human Performance

Optimize your innate potential and achieve maximum performance.

Human Potential Medicine

Achieve Optimal Health Through Gene Analysis

Human Potential Medicine combines the most successful aspects of traditional Western medical practices with “alternative/integrative” medicine and the most up-to-date technology. It takes an evidence-based approach and builds a platform for optimizing health. Once a certain level of health optimization has been achieved it is then possible to begin the transformation into maximizing Human Potential.

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What Our Patients Say?

"My sciatica was gone after my first treatment. I have gotten significant, long term relief of my once, chronic neck and shoulder pain. Prolotherapy has helped my pain more than any other therapy I've tried over the past 16 years."  
Heather H.
Neck & Shoulder Pain
Age 42
I am so thankful for everything that Dr. Reser has done to help me to get my back healthy and not be in pain. He took such a high interest in getting me better, more than anyone that I have gone to for my back and he completely changed my life. I would highly recommend prolo-therapy to anyone in pain because it changed my life so drastically.
Jack M.
Lumbar & Glute Pain
Age 38

Over the course of several months I developed a sharp, debilitating pain in my elbow.  This started happening when I swung a golf club, and progressively got worse.  I had to modify almost everything I did at the gym, so my trainer recommended seeing Dr. Reser for Prolotherapy.  At my first appointment, after a series of injections, Dr. Reser asked me to a pushup – just minutes after treatment.  I was hesitant, knowing that trying a pushup before the treatment would have meant certain pain.  I dropped to the floor and – painless!  I did several more pushups with no pain whatsoever.  Amazing!  Since that first appointment I have had zero pain in my elbow!  I’m playing golf, lifting weights, and even doing the dreaded pushups – all pain free.
Rich G.
Elbow Pain
Age 42
After the first treatment I immediately saw a reduction in the amount of pain associated with both areas (shoulder and elbow). The amazing part about the treatment was that unlike my previous experiences, with prolotherapy the pain did not return to the original state. After 5 treatments the pain is gone. It is hard for me to believe that something that plagued me for so long is actually 100% cured, but it is the truth.  
Ben S.
Shoulder Pain
Age 38